Facebook Services

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Your Facebook page is the centerpiece of your socialization, brand awareness and lead generation efforts on Facebook.
Creating a Business Page on Facebook also gives your brand a chance to engage with other industry counterparts, spark relationships with social media influencers and make important business connections. It also indirectly serves search engine optimization campaigns by helping to drive traffic to your web pages.
Other inherent benefits of Facebook include:
  • Cost-effective brand exposure on a dominant social media platform.
  • Access to leading technologies, marketing tactics and data insights directly within Meta Business Suite, Facebook Ads Manager and Facebook Events Manager.
  • Mobile-optimized digital experiences for your customers and prospective target audience.
  • Native organic and paid Facebook marketing services, including Facebook ads management, from one hub.
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You don’t need to connect with all 2 billion Facebook users – just the ones that have commercial value to your brand.
Our Facebook management services will help you develop a strategy to engage those users, and convert them into high-value prospects.
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Facebook Ad management is one of our specialties at Firebese.
We can work within Ad Manager and the Power Editor to oversee your ad campaigns from start to finish.
We’ll help you refine your target audiences, select the right Facebook ad formats, allocate ad spend strategically across your other channels and measure the performance of your paid social campaigns.
We can also create keyword-optimized conversion landing pages for your ads and your Sponsored Posts, write compelling ad copy, design banners and much more.
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We offer monthly and rolling social media management services, as well as custom-quoted services for just about anything you might need in the way of social marketing and advertising strategies.
By working with Firebese, you free up internal resources and can tap into expert social media strategy from analysts, managers and consultants who do this every day. Working through a single point of contact, your marketing team gets full access to the creative, strategy, metrics, tools, research and documentation that goes into constructing and executing your Facebook advertising and marketing campaigns.
That’s what you can expect from end-to-end management of your Facebook account. Total accountability, real-time insights and ultimate ROI to show your boss.